Classic Pure White Columns Christmas Candle Smokeless Smelless Candles



high quality candles, smoke-free,odorless, no wax dripping.
The raw materials are high quality paraffin, and do not contain benzene, toluene or other harmful substances;
Elegant in shape, smooth and delicate in surface and long in combustion time;
The specifications are complete . There is always one suitable for you;
It can be used alone to provide lighting for the room or candlelight dinner to create a romantic atmosphere.
Size diameter x height (cm) Weight (g) Burning time (hour)
3.8×5 60 10
5×5 90 15
5×7.5 130 24
5×10 180 30
5×12.7 225 36
5×15 270 45
5×20 360 60
7.5×7.5 300 45
7.5×10 400 60
7.5×15 600 70
7.5×20 800 80
7.5×25 1000 100
7.5×30 1200 120
10×10 700 60
10×15 1100 180
10×20 1400 200
10×30 2200 240
10×40 2800 300
15×10 1500 60
15×15 2300 90
15×20 3000 120
5×5×5Square candle 120 20
7.5×7.5×7.5Square candle 400 45 
7.5×7.5×10Square candle 500 50 
7.5×7.5×15Square candle 800 65




Storage of candles
-Candles should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place, too high temperature or direct sunlight will cause the surface of the candle to melt, but also affect the fragrance of the scented candle.
Light the candle
-Before lighting the candle, trim the wicks to 5-8 millimeters.
-The first time you burn a candle, keep burning for 2-3 hours. The candle has a  “burn memory”. When the candle was lited first time, if the wax around the core is not heated evenly, and the surface is not completely melted, then the candle burning will be confined to the vicinity of the wick. 
-Always keep the length of the wick at 5-8 mm, pruning wick can help candles burn evenly, can also prevent the black smoke appear;
-Make sure that the candle is not in a ventilated place when burning, the wind will make the candle burning uneven, so as to reduce the life of the candle;
-Try to light the candle for more than two hours, but not more than four hours. If you want to burn for a long time, extinguish the candle every four hours and trim the wick to 5-8 mm, then light it again.
Snuffed out the candles
-Always remember, Don’t blow out candles with your mouth! This will not only damage the candle, but also cause the candle to produce black smoke, the wonderful scent of the candle into smell of smoke;
-Snuffer can be used to extinguish candles, or use something to immerse wax cores into wax oil.
If you didn’t use a Candlestick, stop burning when the candle is less than 2 centimeters.
About security
-Be sure not to keep candles in an unattended state.
-Place burning candles where children or pets can’t reach.
-Protect your furniture. Candles will become quite hot after burning for 3 hours. Try not to put them directly on the furniture.
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Christmas candle


Gel Wax


Candle Lamp












pure white



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Christmas,wedding ,holiday,party

large white candles

christmas candles

Classic White candle

soy wax smokeless

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